Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Wait

So Monday I find out if I've got an Audrey or an Oliver in my belly. I feel like I'm waiting for Christmas and Summer Vacation all wrapped in one loooooooooong clock & calendar watch. I want to know NOW! I want to buy a crib set NOW! And yet, I wait.

To distract myself, I put together a Best Of list for my friend David of stuff that usually ends up in my basket when I go to Trader Joe's. New York FINALLY got a Trader Joe's and it's in Union Square. I can't imagine the non-stop stocking they must do and I also can't imagine what the prices must be like - SURELY Chuck's isn't two bucks! So here's my list - please feel free to comment with anything I may have missed or should try:

Kay's Best of Trader Joes (all TJ's brands unless otherwise specified) – things I buy pretty regularly:
Cilantro jalepeno hummus (great with their pita chips)
Lite shredded 3 cheese blend
Charles Shaw Wines ("Two-Buck Chucks" - but they're really more like $4)
Cheese & Green Chile tamales (frozen section - not the refrig section)
Beef tamales (frozen)
Any of the frozen potstickers (gyoza) are good
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sesame Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Vanilla extract (from Madagascar or someplace)
Roasted edamame (in the nuts section - I guess they're soy nuts but they're bigger)
Brown basmati rice
Ginger granola (if you like ginger - there's big hunks of crystalized ginger, great on yogurt & mango)
Pizza dough (in refrig section - I've tried all flavors and all are good - a cashier said that she knows someone that uses the plain dough for cinnamon rolls)
Truffettes (AMAZING and cheap truffles)
$1 greeting cards (there's usually a wall of them)

I just bought two of their salsas, the basic one and the double-smoked one and will be trying them with fajitas tonight along with their homemade flour tortillas and organic white corn tortilla chips. I’ll report back.

Speaking of TJ's:

And speaking of David, we had a long drawn out conversation about babies and birthing and breastfeeding and nipples. It started with the 4/24 pic of PostHipChick* and ended like this:

K: Scroll to the 4/24 pic - I'm now nervous.

D: GOOD HEAVENS! I don't recall my sister ever being that big, and the woman in the photo appears to be slight, no? The one thing I could GOOD HEAVENS over my sister about is her nipples, at least with the third kid, they looked like big Coke bottles.

K: Oh I know, I just cringe about that! Mine are not very perky-tiny to begin with and even with the current growth, my baby is going to have to have a mouth like Mick Jagger or something.

D: I just So Giggled. Relax. My sister reported it really is one of the most amazing things she ever did, and Heck, she's been to the Grand Canyon!

K: I just SO full-tilt laughed. I love you so much. My friend Ashley "over-produced" and was in a dressing room once just about to try on a bathing suit, she heard a baby cry, her milk dropped, and she sprayed the mirror. I don't want that.

D: CHORTLE! I was throwing a BBQ at my sister's and Lactating Neighbor Linda saw a mother nursing and exploded like someone threw a water ballon at her. Do you want THAT?

K: I want beautiful boobies with perfectly portioned servings of hunger-quenching, soul-saving, karma-building, tartar-controlling milk gushing out for my baby and only my baby.

D: How 'bout "tastes closer to fresh squeezed?"

*I don't know PostHipChick but Lordy, her baby is GORGEOUS!!!

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