Monday, April 17, 2006

Me Rub You Long Time

My friend Rick referred me to a masseuse who has experience with sports medicine. Since I have yet to sleep more than 4 hours at a time without my back catching on fire, I made an appointment to see her - they were able to fit me in around lunch time today and let me just say, she rocked. She was chatty, a trait I normally abhore in masseuses (masseusi?) but she was so knowledgeable and was able to get right to the problem that I couldn't care less. Since I can't lay down on my front, back or either side, she was very accomodating with her massage chair - I actually kind of prefer the chair because it keeps what usually aches me at the surface. While she rubbed and pulled, she explained that my muscle was still seriously bruised and I will feel that 3" circle for at least another week. This normally would have displeased me but she was able to rub out all the spindly little offshoots so now, at least for this moment, I'm completely tolerant of the little knot. She was so great at explaining what muscles were affected and what other muscles were just trying to protect the hurt ones that I totally understood what was going on - I was like my own science doll. Now let's see how long I sleep tonight.

The Knot usually wakes me anywhere from 1am to 4am. Not much is on TV during that time. So I tend to watch a lot of Discovery Health while icing The Knot, specifically all the birthing shows. Granted, I cried at card tricks before I got knocked up, and supposedly now that I'm entering the 2nd Trimester my emotions will even out, but until then I get positively weepy over all those deliveries. Even though the babies are covered in mucus and whatnot, they're still the most beautiful little creatures! It's like their wings were just ripped off and they were sent down to Earth! I hope Tommy and I do well in that situation. I want us both to be positive and upbeat but I know things can take a turn when one is trying to pass a 10lb "angel" through one's Lulu.

Another tearjerker that probably only brings tears to my eyes, is the trailer for Little Miss Sunshine. When Olive starts hopping up and down then screaming, I think it's truly one of the most precious things caught on film.

Tommy and I started watching Raising Arizona (The Greatest Movie Ever Made...unless you count True Romance and that's quite a battle for #1) the other night (he fell asleep so I stopped watching for fear he'd wake up and I'd be totally and completely weepy). When Holly Hunter launches into the, "Ah luv him so mu-u-u-u-u-uch!" I feel on the exact same plane (plain?) - but again, I felt that way long before my egg met its match.

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