Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Oh boy!

Oh boy!
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So yesterday FINALLY came then 2pm putzed along slowly thereafter. I got to the office early thinking Tommy would be there (he HATES being late) but he wasn’t. So I waited as patiently as possible and flipped through an issue of Time from last month (look! CookingForEngineers got a little paragraph!) then they called me in.

I think I’ve mentioned this before but my friend Karry has attended all the sonograms with us or just me. Last year we called her “my temporary life partner” while Tommy was out to sea and she clearly stated that she still wanted to attend when he got back and to me it went without question. OF COURSE she had to be there. So when they called my name I supplied my posse’s names and went in.

The attendant – I wish I got her name, she rocked – had me lay down and pull down my skirt and raise up my shirt a bit and she warm lubed my belly (warm lube feels weird). Immediately after that I thought, “I should have grabbed my cell phone in case Tommy forgot where to go” then sure enough my phone rang and I apologized profusely and begged to answer it. She said that was fine and I awkwardly held the many towels protecting my clothes from the lube and kind of flung myself to my purse. Tommy was running late but was on his way.

Soon there was a knock at the door and Karry came in. The receptionist told her Tommy hadn’t arrived yet so she was going to wait for him but then couldn’t because she was so excited. (I wish I could express how much I ADORE this woman and how supportive she is and how wonderful it is to have someone just as excited about all this especially since she was such a trooper and such a rock last November during The Bad Ultrasounds. She will never truly know the full degree of how much I truly appreciate her and that just kills me.) So my Temporary Life Partner and I see the spine and the brain and the femur and those two bones below the knee and we’re both just in awe. Those bones are not more than an inch long but you know EXACTLY what they are just from elementary science class.

Shortly thereafter, before we got to the sex-defining-bits, Tommy burst in, took my hand and made room for Karry. The attendant is giving us the tour of Baby but Baby is acting very private. So the attendant jiggles the little wand to try to get movement and slowly but surely Baby moves a bit and we see the bladder (actually we see a black dot and the attendant says, “There’s the bladder” so we knew) and then she adds a little computer arrow and says, “Do you see THAT?” and we all lean a bit forward and say, “Yes?” as confidently as we can. And right over the arrow she types B-O-Y. And for what seemed like a solid minute, I rack my brain trying to think of what the hell that word spells, I know I’ve seen it before, but wait – BOY, it’s a BOY! During the first lima bean with a heartbeat ultrasound I remember thinking, “Look at him!” and Tommy has always felt a boy vibe so this confirmation was welcoming but still odd and so….confirming. We are having an Oliver.

So yeah, Oliver. My mom and older brother HATE the name but when I hear it from other people that adore it, it’s just so wonderful. Oliver. What’s kind of odd is a friend of mine is named Oliver and I have always thought, “I want a little boy just like him [minus the racism and homophobia]” and BOOM! I’m getting one.

[The picture is a closeup of what's on the shirt of these ridiculously precious jammies and a superior vintage of cigar that Karry gave us just after the ultrasound...while we were still in the exam room. I asked if she was that certain it was going to be a boy or if she had a girl present in her purse as well. "I may have a girl present in there somewhere," she grinned.]

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jodi said...

I LOVE the name Oliver. Oliver is on my list of names if I ever have a boy