Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Gimme a beat!

Last November I went in at my 11th week to get an ultrasound. What started with, "I don't see a heartbeat" quickly snowballed to High Hell. I had to go to the hospital for a second opinion. I give God my utmost thanks for supplying me with Karry - my "temporary life partner" while Tommy was out to sea and a really nice ultrasound technician (or whatever they're called) who was kind and supportive and encouraging for the future (though she really didn't have to ask, "Do you still want a picture of it anyway?" even though I know there are those that do) . I got through that day and thanks to a really nice Naval captain and the Red Cross, Tommy was able to hop a boat and a plane and was back in my thankful and lovin' arms 4 days later. And this too has passed.

So I'm sensitive to heartbeats - each sonogram I have had with this current pregnancy starts off with me holding my breath and not blinking as I desperately scan the screen for that little pulsing movement and yesterday we were rewarded with audio.

My doctor came in with this cute little box that turned out to be the Doppler thing that can pick up heartbeats. She stated, "It may be too early to pick this up, but if the baby's cooperating, we may get to hear the heartbeat." So I held my breath and stared unblinking at the ceiling for what seemed like hours as she oh-so-painfully slowly dragged the microphone (or whatever it's called) across my belly. "A little to the left!" I screamed in my head because I just knew he or she was just out of reach. You could hear my stomach gurgle a little then a lot of white noise then when she finally (finally!!!) scanned to the left: boom-boom-boom-boom. I can't even begin to type how fast this little beat was - supposedly it's around 130 beats per minute. I turned my head to look at Tommy - my eyes probably looked like saucers then I quietly giggled.

We heard our baby's heartbeat today.

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AmyV said...

ohimgosh, that is so very sweet.