Monday, April 10, 2006

Fall down go boom

I took a really bad fall yesterday. I must have been such a site when Tommy found me! I was cleaning out the pond in the "Zen Garden" (we had a racoon "redo" the place Friday night) and I was carrying a bucket full of dirty water, random sludge and leaves, and strawberry tops from a 2 lb box I just cleaned out to the compost bin. Was thinking about something else (how myspace can be a truly evil, gross site in the wrong hands) and not thinking the deck stairs get slippery after it rains then swoop! and slam! one of the steps "broke my fall" and Tommy was greeted by me covered in dirty water, random sludge and leaves, and strawberry tops (he tried to convince me I looked sexy what with the wet sweater and me on all fours). He put what he could in the compost while I tried to calm down and stand up. (As an aside, do you think the racoon came back for the strawberry tops he could have taken care of? No, the little bastard did not. Oh well, we'll eventually clean up the rest.)

I've read countless pg articles about how you shouldn't do anything where you may fall - a fact that has squelched my dirtbike career, at least for the time being (okay, so maybe I was looking for such an excuse but I do need to learn to ride one of those damn things especially since there's a really good chance "Jr.", whether a boy or girl, will be on one by age 4) - so needless to say, I was a nervous wreck. We went to the hospital, we listened to the fetal heartbeat to make sure all was well in there (it was - 150 beats a minute...though my pulse was almost as fast because I was so nervous) then we waited and waited til I could pee so they could make sure my kidney was okay (I have a huge long, thick bruise across my lower back on the right side). All was well, I just bruised the muscle really bad.

Last night was rough because I was in so much pain and could only take Tylenol (it's so hard for me to take anything during this pregnancy but since everyone assures me Tylenol is fine, I broke down and took some - but only when it was really bad, mind you!) but today is better so I'm sure I can go to work tomorrow.

I'd like to think I have a high tolerance for pain but I can't remember ever being in that much of it ever before so possibly I'm wrong. Needless to say, the whole incident, including my inability to get out of or into bed without biting a big hunk of comforter so as not to scream, has made me a firm believer of epidurals - I now plan to call ahead for one on The Big Day.

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