Friday, May 26, 2006

Morford Moths

I think I've raved about the stunning writing ability of Mark Morford of the SF Gate before but if not, consider this raving. Granted, often he waxes on about current political bruhaha to the point that I will read the topic of his column (you can get them emailed to you!) and delete it without giving him a chance but today's column, OH!, today's column hit a note. Here it is. You may want to read it before continuing here. Go ahead. I'll wait.

[insert elevator Muzak]

Done? Do you see what I mean? Granted, his girl sounds a bit kooky but I still felt the need to email him. Here's what I wrote:

While I was reading the early part of this (key words: the early part), I was thinking, "Oh, he's got one of my nutjob sisters - you don't flip out on something then go back to completely normal." But did it HAVE to be a moth?!? For the last 3 days we had The Most Stunning "Tommy [husband] Come Look At This" Moth living on the wall under our deck light. It was huge and bold and butterfly-winged but with this crazy huge furry body covered in strong white and brown stripes and two crazy furry antennae. I thought it came to die there because it was moving ever so slowly but the minute the sun went down it was manic for the light.

So I guess I too am a nutjob but only slightly comparitively (I'm sure she's a lovely girl) in that I would give Tommy updates: "Turns out, he's [I guess all the browns made me assume it was a he] not dying because he's downright scary at night - you can practically hear his wings" then yesterday, "The moth left. Why would he leave? We have a good light that's too small for him to get in so he wouldn't burn to death...." But Tommy knows me well enough to respond, "I'm sure he's living a long, happy [ALWAYS add "happy"] life somewhere."

Point of my rant: I liked your column.

Point of this blog entry: I was meaning to write about this damn stunning moth but it just seemed a bit, well, kooky. And yet, I did.

I love to get my way....but I do hope the moth comes back. He was so cool.

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