Thursday, March 30, 2006

Teen Angst

The big, main drawback to my pregnancy is that I re-entered puberty. The mood swings, OH the mood swings. Seriously, it feels just like puberty minus the endless repetitions of Prince’s Beautiful Ones or worse, Stevie Nicks’ Edge of Seventeen. (I would like to once again apologize to my poor brother and mother for dealing with me during that Trying Time and thank them for their tolerance of said repetitions – I can still picture them sitting in the living room, me holed up in my bedroom and just as the song ends they’re all, “Please no, please no, please no” as the needle starts at the beginning of the song one...more...time.)

Unfortunately, Tommy has sympathy mood swings. He can get really snippy.

Newsflash: if I’m currently growing someone else’s ears (I stole that expression from my awesome friend Laura), only I can be snippy.

And yet, I’m not snippy, I’m the other mutant dwarf Weepy. The other night I literally sobbed because I was so emotional. What’s worse was I was fine when Tommy went out to the freezer to get a “novelty” (we’re on an icecream novelty kick, currently we’re on Snickers cones) but I was full-tilt weepy when he came back. AND I was too messed up to get up and get a tissue so I was blotting and blowing with a paper towel – do you know what kind of damage a rough paper towel can do to the complexion of an almost-40 year old in the throes of prenatal emotion?!?

Speaking of complexions, I also have zits again. Oh sure, I used to have the occasional breakout but they were subtle. I now actually sport whiteheads.

I’m so right smack back in puberty.

I need to be left alone in my room with a turntable and a fresh copy of Purple Rain.

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