Thursday, October 06, 2005


Zeppelin 10.6.05
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Behold! He that is Zeppelin! The Most Precious ball python you'd ever encounter!

I'm babysitting him while his owner is out to sea. I've always liked snakes and just can't get enough of this one. He's so sweet and slow and laid back.

Last night I bought the tree-thing he's laying on and the silk leaves. He LOVES it. You can tell his owner is a bachelor because all that was in the cage was that half-log thing and the water bowl. My next step is to replace the newspaper with something more jungle-looking.

I had to feed him today. NOT something I wanted to do but I also didn't want to be gushing over him but still be too baby-ish to feed him. So I went to the pet store, said I needed a small mouse, looked at is SUPER QUICK to make sure it was small enough (if it was too big I would then have to try to get it out of the cage and replace it with a smaller one - that was not going to happen), they put it in a bag, I drove home, and dropped it in the cage and left. When I checked on Zep later, it was gone. So that wasn't so bad and I won't have to deal with it for another 2 weeks.....but what if it was too small and thus not filling enough?


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