Friday, October 28, 2005

I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve always had good friends.

Oh sure, I’ve had my fair share of psycho ones – the ones that I think I can “fix” then realized I cannot get away from their sucking lifeforce quick enough – there are a couple of suckers in my life right now, but they’re not sucking hard enough for the total blow-off, and they’re FAR from my point.

My point is, I Am So Thankful.

Saturday I got a BOUNTY of goodies from my friend Dave (someone I met through one of the Flaky People) as a belated birthday present – turns out, the “big” present just got back from the JEWELER and I should have that in a day or too. You should have seen this box, though! Dave and I know how to make each other happy – we both know that the other likes the little things so he horded various goodies from various events from work and I SCORED. Make Up Forever lipgloss, powder, eye & lipliners, and foundation; a cute toy taxi and various other NY mementos that got me almost homesick weepy; a great history of the pin-up book where he inscribed, “Why aren’t YOU in this book?”; and the list literally goes on and on. It’s SO nice to be appreciated.

Karry started out as my boss’s wife. Then I befriended their 3 year old (at the time) daughter then we became friends, and so on. She’s now become a vital part of my daily life. So a while back, I found out I was pregnant. I was scheduled for an ultrasound and since Tommy is out to sea, I asked if she would possibly consider maybe wanting to go in with me….and before I could get the request out she was all, “Yep, I’m there.” Yesterday the day finally arrived for the ultrasound. Karry rushed into my exam room and hugged me not even noticing that a paper sheet was all that covered me from the waist down. She and I jabbered like monkeys – she was just as nervous and excited as I was to see this little bean. The doctor came in, we got down to business (they use actual Trojan condoms for the ultrasound “tool” – I thought that was interesting), and Karry stood at my side holding my hand with one hand and stroking my arm with the other (okay, she may have been a little more nervous than I was). The ultrasound revealed the most precious heartbeat you ever did see and our hands clenched even tighter. Afterwards she said she wanted to come to every ultrasound from now on – whether Tommy was here or not. Tears come to my eyes as I type this – I am just so fucking lucky!!!

Because of my age, I have to consider whether or not I should get a CVS. The more I think about it, the more I think it’s best (and because of that, if you’re against them, DO NOT comment – do your best to bite your tongue and respect my decision). Karry informed her mom, Linda, another good friend that came out of my employment, and Linda volunteered to drive me saying we can take her comfy Lexus because “the seats are made for relaxing after a ‘procedure.’” When I talked to Karry today, she was all, “No, I’ll take you, one of us will take you, you are NOT going alone.” Granted, a mild battle of generational wills may ensue but I’m just so in awe that it is occurring over my behalf.

Then last night, my dear friend Stef, a girl I met and became friends with by commenting on her blog, and I went to dinner at Fare Start (I highly recommend you go there) – her treat because we were celebrating the heartbeat. She’s been amazing throughout this whole thing. I’m prone to nervousness (if you couldn’t tell) and she gave me a mantra that I’m sure she didn’t know was going to be so powerfully soothing to me:

Let it happen.

So Very Thankful.

And there are so many more – my friend Souson is pregnant (5 weeks ahead of me) and has been great to be with on this manic journey; Laura has BRILLIANT insights that keep me going (“When you're growing someone else's ears, you need to REST after a moderately invasive procedure”). Others I’ve mentioned in this blog before, others still quietly keep me strong (like my amazing mother-in-law, my siblings, etc.) and my love for them is boundless. All I can hope is I occupy the same role in their lives as they do in mine.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my friends for the past, present, and future.


AmyV said...

1) To have great friends, you must first BE a great friend, and now you have loads of proof of that one.
2) Is Dave single? :)

stef said...

Now you're making me weepy :) Thank YOU dear, you are the best! I got your bulbs - I saw the postcard on the bag and KNEW it was from you.

Let it happen let it happen let it happen ;)