Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Cringe reflex

Tommy took Oliver to the mall yesterday so he could play at the indoor playground (we have a surprisingly kid-friendly mall and O is a card-caring kidgit - kudos to the design team and their awesome little kidgit characters!). But I digress....he said later they were walking around and there was a woman and her dog walking nearby. Wanting to really get Oliver happy, they toddled towards the middle-aged woman and her medium-sized white dog (if only you were reading this, Lady I'm Talking About). As they approached, Tommy asked, "Is your dog nice?" Her response: "Yes, if she wasn't, I wouldn't have brought her to the mall." THEN SHE TURNED AROUND AND WALKED AWAY...away from OLIVER.

I get more and more furious every time I think about this woman. CLEARLY she wanted a little attention if she's going to go so far as to bring a DOG to a MALL and yet when said attention approached in all their insanely cute glory, she could only be rude. SURELY she's cringing right now for saying such a thing, right? RIGHT???? And yet, the line sounded so...rehearsed.


(I made up a joke similar to the "What do a lawyer and a catfish have in common? One's a parasite eating bottom dweller and the other is a fish"-joke but it reads rude. I'm sure you can come up with one since you know what a female dog is.)

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Jessica said...

Somehow I think I missed the first haircut photos! I can't believe it.

I'm glad things have been pushed a couple weeks...