Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ginger Yuzu

I feel really, really good about using my reusable plastic grocery bags and after I bought four plain green ones, I vowed to get a fun, mismatched set. And now Method products are making my plan that much better!


Jodi said...

i've recently started using cloth shopping bags because i was soooo tired of the plastic.

they make me feel good about myself and i am so happy not to have all those plastic bags to contend with.

Aaron said...

Fan Fricken Plastic Tastic! I bought 5 bags. (safeway brand, not near as chic as these) and I seriously have a HUGE problem with remembering to put them back in my car. UNLOAD GROCERIES THEN PUT THE CLOTH BAGS IMEDIATELY BACK INTO THE CAR! It's a HUGE problem for me. Thanks for the reminder. Aaron