Saturday, January 06, 2007

3 Months

Oliver turned 3 months old today. Three months!!! I can honestly say it's been great. Sure, there have been moments, but overall, he's a really great kid. HOPEFULLY gushing about my son won't be like gushing about my husband where that night we invariably have a tiff or disagreement though something tells me, I'll get one of O's newfound headbutts so whatever, bring it on. Oliver ROCKS! Right now he's laying on the couch beside me gnawing on his thumb and kicking me every now and then and ever so often you can hear him say, "Oh." O says "Oh." Already he's a prodigy. Granted, it's 10:53 in the p.m. but he's yawning every now and then so hopefully we'll be asleep in the next hour or two [fingers crossed].

Do you recognize this little shirt our brilliant son is wearing? It's featured in my 5/2/06 entry and is what Karry gave us when we first found out "it" was a "he" that would soon become an "Oliver."

Oliver is pretty laid back (he's now propped against my left arm staring off as his little fingers appear to be working on some sort of chisenbop calculation). He has a smile that makes me melt and his laugh, albeit only two-syllables, is infectious. Sure, he can have a full-tilt MELTDOWN where he turns beet red and reaches a shocking volume level for such a little guy, but eventually the smiles come back and all becomes right in the world.

Tommy is (of course) great with him. Lately he serenades O with a composition he calls The Mullet Song because he's at a rather....awkward stage of hairstyle. The song is set to the Mickey Mouse Club theme and goes something like this:

Super Mullet!
Super Mullet!
It comes with it's own cape!

And he also does an Steve Erwin-style Aussie accent as he becomes the Smile Hunter but the accent is too hard to type, just know it's REALLY cute and makes me beam with delight that I get to live with these two guys.

And now he's dozing in my lap so I'm going to try to put him to bed.

Happy Quarter of a Birthday Oliver!!!

And he somehow just spit up on the BACK of his neck


stef said...

Happy 3 months Oliver!! I can't believe it's been 3 months!

A cool baby for rockin' parents - fitting, I must add.

AmyV said...

He SUCH the cutie-pie! I want that santa pic for my Christmas cards next year. :) Miss ya love ya.