Thursday, November 16, 2006

I already miss you

Today starts The Big Roadtrip (TBR). Goodbyes suck.

They started a couple of weeks ago when we went up to Sedro-Woolley to see Tommy’s relatives. I have so enjoyed getting to know these people especially his grandmother who just plain rocks. Needless to say, the tears started a’flowin’ before I left our house, continued when I got to theirs when I saw her, stopped clean shortly thereafter then recommenced when she told Tommy how amazing it’s been seeing him grow from a boy to a man and that his greatness was due in part to me.

As you probably know, there’s quite an age difference between Tommy and I and not once did I ever feel judged by any of Tommy’s family over this – and I’m older than a couple (few?) of Tommy’s uncles. For that and for getting to know all his great relatives, I am very thankful.

I also got a visit with Amy and with Stef & Mike. Good food was had at both. We ate at Pies and Pints with Amy – I sampled the spinach feta & the classic chicken and was chapped to discover they were sold out of the chocolate-peanut butter one. Oh well, next visit.

Mike once again made STELLAR biscuits and gravy. I hope this road trip guides us to some good plates of the stuff but I truly don’t think they will be able to compare to Mike’s. He was also OH-so helpful in tutoring me on our new macbook so I am now typing this entry with confidence as we drive south on Hwy 5 headed for Portland.

Thanks so much for being there, our Seattle friends! You will be missed but know you have a place to stay…once we find one.

Back on our side of the Sound, we've been staying at Linda’s house after the movers packed up our stuff. I should have taken a picture of our digs on the water and right next door to Rick, Karry, and the kids. I could think of know better place to end our stay in Washington then with them, our adopted family. And my heart aches knowing that I won’t be 10 minutes away from each other for quite some time.

As I finish typing this entry, we’re at a Super 8 in Roseberg, OR. The weather for today’s drive has SUCKED and we got a much later start than planned, but we got to stop in Portland to see my friend Alissa so it’s all worth it.

Tomorrow the adventure continues…..

TODAY’S LITTLE PERK: A pumpkin shake from Jack in the Box. I highly recommend them and my waistline in thankful they are seasonal.


Aaron said...

Ok, I'm at home and checking my "favorites" and there you are! And, it's not because of what has transpired in the last week that has made me write you. Well, of course you left in the last week, so that does matter, but you know what I mean.... also, mom and I being at your house today and on top of that, taking your bench (which I love!) and then realizing mom and I had never been to your house together and add that to a big heaping pile of "WTF" in my brain, has made me write you. Anyhow, Roseburg is a nice little town and I'm glad you stayed there. During my engagement, my "to be" stayed there for his logging job. I think I have been in every city in Oregon because of that and Roseburg is not bad. I enjoyed Salem the most though.. made it back from there in less than 3 hours once to make a softball tourney...big surprise... Anyhow, hope your trip is going good.. Being able to use the laptop would be a super great time waster and I am glad you can use it. Drive careful and have a great time. What a cool way to document Olivers first month! :) Think how awesome it will be for him to look at when he is our age. We won't even know how to do anything technoligical and he'll be all, "let's upload my trip from when I was a baby, from this chip in my brain to a big screen!" Talk soon.
PS. Your house looks fabulous, my mom loved the fact that you were not afraid to use "color".
PPS. The tile floor in the spare bathroom, SUCKS to clean.


AmyV said...

Miss you! xoxoxo