Friday, January 06, 2006

Emerald City Exploits

I used to think I'd have TONS of stuff to write about in a blog, and yet.....

But instead of complaining, I'm going to write when I can and this time, I've got yet another "great day" review.

My friend Amy is in town for a shoot (I will try not to pine for the days when I was involved in these "shoots") so I met her Wednesday night for a slumber party. We were on a search for fish & chips but settled for pasties at Kells. After that, we went to SAM. They were open til midnight to "celebrate" the temporary closing for their huge remodel. I love walking around an art museum at night - not that there are windows or anything, you just know it's nighttime and thus for some reason, it's just more fun. We walked around the Tiffany glass exhibit - I expected boring, old-lady lamps but was in awe a big chunk of the time, we putzed around the 4th floor's permanent collection then headed down for a champagne toast at midnight. Very fun. Afterwards we headed back to her hotel and stayed up forever chatting about EVERYTHING. Just as a slumber party should be.

The next morning we had breakfast at Crave. I have been plotting breakfast here ever since my friend Mike started raving about their biscuits and gravy (so far Hi-Life has the best in my eyes). Turns out, Crave only serves the little legends on Saturdays and Sundays. Oh well, we shared a great crab omelette and a really great blue cheese, bacon and apple omellete. (Apple! Who'da thunk it?)

Afterwards we looked around a hot shop on 5th Ave and looked at all the amazing glass stuff then it dawned on us that we were right by Top Pot Doughnuts, another place I've been dying to try, so since the weather was crappy (it's SO hard trying to convince people that it doesn't rain all the time when it seems to be raining all the time), we went in for some dreaminess. We shared a pumpkin glazed (good), a bullseye (just okay), and The Best Apple Fritter I Have Ever Had (and I love me some apple fritters so I've tried A LOT).

Later we played around Tower Records. Tommy called to see if I wanted to meet him and the guys he went riding with (he had a good day, too!) at Applebee's to which I replied as politely as possible, "Applebees? Are you kidding me? No friggin' way! We're headed to a delightfully messy dinner at Crab Pot!" And it was delightful and messy AND I still was able to meet Tommy and friends at Applebees to watch them eat their brownie sundaes.

So very fun.

And tonight the slumber party continues but at my place. Woo-hoo!

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