Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tomato Pie

I love a good Southern accent. It makes me feel comforted when I hear it. Therefore, I adore Paula Dean and her show on the Food Network. The fact that she's going to be in Elizabethtown makes me want to see it that much more.

Anyhoo, my point is I made her Tomato Pie last night and it is So Good. I used the blessed Pillsbury pie dough and didn't pre-bake and it came out perfect nonetheless. Next time I want to add crab or shrimp to it. My Lord, it was delicious.


Anonymous said...

I've made that tomato pie quite a few times and looove it so much. I fonally have one thing in my arsenal of recipe's that kicks my mom's butt!! :0) It just doesnt work without fresh basil though. I must try it with crab like you said, that sounds yummy! I can't wait to see Paula in Elizabethtown, it looks histerical. When I saw the preview in the theater I kept saying "thats Paula Dean!!" but my friends have no clue who she is.

kaymaria said...

I'm looking forward to Elizabethtown, too. I'm not crazy about Kirsten but when I saw Paula and the trailer, it was decided. I'm also looking forward to the Paula Goes Hollywood FoodTV special to get further hooked.,1976,FOOD_9994_40480,00.html