Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tommy is adequate?

I remember a scene in Indochine where Catherine Deneuve sees a friend's or daughter's or someone's baby for the first time and says how ugly it is. She said this because she was outside and if she said the baby was beautiful, the Evil Spirits would want him or her (I haven't seen the movie in 13 years - the details are hazy but the point is there).

I bring this up because I swear if I gush about Tommy outside....and now apparently online....we have a fight shortly thereafter. It's like these friggin' Evil Spirits toy with me. "Oh, you think he's dreamy? What will you think he is when we throw this into the mix."

Granted "this" is petty nothingness, "just a tiff," but I don't tiff well and tend to get this "impending doom" feeling after so it takes a while to shake it off and move on.

But the point of this rambling is that I'll try harder to gush less about my husband online....and outside.

Silly, I know. Especially 'coz I've got plenty to gush about.

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